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BRC STREET COUTURE was founded in March of 2013 by one female. At the epicenter of the Worlds Parody mania, BRCSC created head-turning designs, that have since then been posted all over social media, creating an online frenzy. BRC STREET COUTURE is the one and only designer of designs such as HABIBI DUBAI, MOËT & COCAINË, DOPEX, LOADED PARIS, HUBLOW, Bitchès MIAMI, CHANERRIES, MR.WASTA, BIRKREAM and many more.

BRC STREET COUTURE is a multi-cultural brand, that works towards building correlation between East and West through design and the use of several languages. Highly influenced by the street, the brands motto is: HIGH CLASS-LOW LIFE. A sartorial collision between the two worlds in everyday society.

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